Easy to use Welding Procedure Software

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It is easier to create a welding procedure in WeldTrace

First of all, the forms are very user friendly and will guide you through the process. They are less intimidating for someone who is not a professional at the same time if you are a seasoned welding professional you will enjoy the experience. Checkout some of the screenshots to find out why WeldTrace is the easiest welding software for qualification of welding procedure that you would have come across.
  • Over 5000 base metals in our database
  • Over 4000 filler metals in our database
  • Over 700 gas mixtures in our database
  • You can add your data to our database. Only your company can use them
  • Pipe dimension charts for Metric & English units
  • Joint and pass diagrams can be picked
  • Multiple codes supported

Welding procedure software to guide you through the process with help available in every step

WeldTrace leaves little for guesswork as the forms in the software to create the preliminary welding procedure specification (pWPS), WPS and the procedure qualification record (PQR) are dynamic and driven by code rules. Depending on the base metal, product form, joint type, process and so on, the fields that are shown are based on the requirements in the standards. You will find tooltip help messages near each field label, knowledge base snippets within the page, and explainer videos, so you are always in command.
  • Code rules determine the workflow
  • Fields are enabled or disabled based on process, base metal, joint type, etc 
  • Tool tip help messages near the field
  • Explainer videos within the page
  • The choices available for selection are based on values in previous fields
  • The required and optional tests are shown in separate areas
  • Range qualified values displayed as you build the form

Create pWPS, pWPS to PQR, PQR to WPS, WPS to WPQ with data validation

WeldTrace offers automated workflows for creation of pWPS, pWPS to PQR,  a single PQR to WPS, multiple PQRs to WPS and WPS to welder qualification. When a WPS is created from a single PQR or multiple PQRs, you will be able to remove a process or move the processes around, like root to cap, if the code permits the operation. All of them support up to 3 processes in each document. You will be able to edit and change values within the range qualified values depending on if it is an essential variable, supplementary essential variable or a non-essential variable. 
  • Create a draft or preliminary WPS
  • Create a PQR from the pWPS
  • Create a WPS from a single PQR or multiple PQRs
  • All the relevant data transferred across
  • You will be allowed to make changes only within the range qualified values
  • Powerful search to show only the matching WPS or PQRs 
  • Automatic rules in each stage