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Solutions from SPMT


WeldTrace is a welding management software built for steel fabricators of all sizes and EPC contractors. You can create code compliant welding procedures (WPS) and manage welders and their qualifications. It is also a comprehensive project management software that will let you manage drawings, materials, welding consumables, and welds with full traceability for each and every weld. You can also record visual inspection, NDE, pressure testing and PWHT results and the test reports.


WeldQ facilitates management of the entire process of handling qualifications and certifications – right from applications, assessment workflow, conducting examinations, awards, reviews, resits, renewals, and issuing certificates, all online with an easy to use role based access. Weld Australia uses the WeldQ platform as AWCR to manage Australian welders and their qualifications as well as welding professionals like welding inspectors and welding engineers. 

Smart File Box

Smart File Box is a documents and records management platform built for the engineering construction industry. You can manage project or customer records within access controlled areas, inside folders that allow only authorized users to view or add or edit records. It supports approval workflow, annotation or marking up files, version control, instant messaging for queries and maintains an audit trail for each document. It has an easy to use interface and you can access Smart File Box through a web browser or our mobile app.