Welder Qualifications & Continuity

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Code compliant welder qualifications in minutes!

Create code compliant welder qualifications quickly with our simple and easy to use interface. Code rules are built-in along with extensive base and filler metal and gas database. Welder qualifications with up to 3 different processes can be generated. Rule based selection of drop-down choices will make it easy to create WPQ/WQTR in WeldTrace, the welder qualification software.
Range qualified data can be viewed at any time when creating the welder qualification. Approval workflow is also supported. Stamp and signature are automatically created for each user and applied to the WPQ/WQTR certificate upon approval.
Visit this page in our help center for more information: Welder Qualifications
  • Create a WPQ/WQTR from scratch or from a WPS
  • Clone a WPQ from a previously created welder qualification
  • Approval workflow 
  • View range qualified data at any time when creating a WPQ
  • Upload and attach test reports
  • Stamp and signature automatically applied to certificates
  • Code compliant and multiple codes supported

Welder continuity is managed automatically

Welder's logs are updated automatically for continuity (for Plus and Pro plans). You can also update welder continuity manually in all the 3 plans. Detailed logs are available by welder, with all the welds ever done by the welder, by WPS, process, position and by job. It is an excellent record for proving a welder's continuity during an audit (e.g. ASME certification audit or ISO 3834-2 audit). Email reminders for expiry of welder qualification are sent out automatically to the welder and administrators. Emails are sent out one month prior to the expiry (i.e. if a welder was not used for 5 months).
Visit this page in our help center for more information: Welder Continuity
You may download a copy of a sample welder's log from this link: Welder's Log
  • Welder continuity records updated automatically
  • Continuity data can be updated manually
  • Email reminders sent on expiring qualifications
  • Detailed log of all the welds performed by each welder
  • Welders with expired qualifications prevented from welding
  • Detailed reporting of performance of welders

Manage all your welders

Manage all your welders and all their qualifications in one place. You can add welder qualifications created elsewhere and manage them and have their continuity updated automatically at no extra cost. Search for qualified welders using our advanced search feature to quickly find welders for process, joint type, position and other variables. Test reports can be uploaded and will be stitched with the certificate. Rich dashboard to view their performance & productivity by job or project. 
Visit this page in our help center for more information: Welders
  • Search for qualified welders
  • Bring your own welder qualifications at no extra cost 
  • All your welders and their qualifications in one place 
  • Rich dashboard for welders' performance and productivity
  • Manage your contractor's and customer's welders 
  • Manage all their qualifications and continuity

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