Discover a world class welding management software packed full of features

All that you want in a welding software and more

​Welding Procedures

Create code compliant welding procedures (WPS) and procedure qualification records (PQR) in minutes with an easy to use step-by-step guided form that is very user friendly too. 

  • Code rules check built-in to prevent mistakes
  • Base metal database with over 5000 materials
  • Filler metal database with over 4000 entries
  • Pipe dimension charts for Metric & English units
  • Joint and pass diagrams can be picked
  • Test requirements - mandatory & optional shown
  • Approval range shown dynamically
  • Upload reports and keep them with PQR
  • Multiple processes (up to 3) supported
  • Write draft WPS, create PQR & approve WPS
  • Create WPS from single or multiple PQRS
  • Bring your own WPS & PQRs to WeldTrace
  • No limits or costs for adding & managing the WPS 
  • & PQRs created elsewhere
  • Code support for ASME IX, AWS D1.1, API 1104, ISO 15614-1

​Welder Qualifications

Produce code compliant welder performance qualification records (WPQ) or welder qualification test records (WQTR) in minutes that is very easy to use.

  • Code rules check built-in to prevent mistakes
  • Approval range shown dynamically
  • Test requirements - mandatory & optional shown
  • Upload reports and keep them with the report
  • Multiple processes (up to 3) supported
  • New qualifications are added to welder's records
  • Produce welder qualifications from WPS
  • Bring your own WPQs to WeldTrace
  • No limits or costs for adding & managing the welders
  • No limits on managing welder qualifications 
  • Welder continuity is managed automatically
  • Warning emails are sent for expiring qualifications
  • Detailed welder's log of all the welds performed 
  • Welder's log with test results for audit purposes
  • Code support for ASME IX, AWS D1.1, API 1104, ISO 9606-1

​Projects or Jobs

WeldTrace is a comprehensive welding management software that can be effectively used by small fabricators to large EPC contractors at a fraction of the cost of our competitor's products.

  • Create & configure projects to required specifications
  • Allocate users to projects and define their roles
  • Manage all documents with revision control
  • Load your drawings and create weld maps
  • Create & plan welds automatically from weld maps
  • Maintain all project materials & their MTCs
  • Maintain welding consumables & their certificates
  • Full weld lifecycle management from planning
  • Visual inspection by stage 
  • Create NDE requests & manage test reports 
  • Dimension records for as-built drawings
  • Calendar and Gantt charts
  • Create and manage work packs or travelers
  • Manage pressure tests, PWHT
  • Many project reports, export data to Excel, data analytics, mobile app & much more

WeldTrace is a complete welding software

Welding procedure and welder qualifications software

Create or bring your own WPS, PQRs, welder qualifications and manage them in a common access controlled repository. Perform advanced search and find documents quickly. Revision control and archiving old versions are standard features. Welder continuity is maintained automatically. WeldTrace is the software that you need for creating and managing welding procedures.

Code compliant templates for writing welding procedures to ASME IX, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS D1.5, AWS D1.6, API 1104 & ISO 15614-1 and for generating welder qualifications to ASME IX, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS D1.5, AWS D1.6, ISO 9606-1, ISO 9606-4 & API 1104.

Welding management ERP solution.

Create any number of projects or jobs and enable your teams to collaborate. Role based access control will allow you to effectively manage what each person needs to and can do. Built-in welding workflows will ensure project tasks are performed in a systematic way leaving nothing to chance. Simple configuration tools mean anyone can be a good project manager. Gantt charts, calendars, notifications, instant messaging, work packs are some of the enabling tools you will find.  WeldTrace is the perfect welding ERP and project management software solution.

Welding projects quality assurance.

Set NDE requirements for a project or for each tag or drawing and monitor compliance. Perform visual inspection by stage. Record defects for failed welds. Use the progressive sampling, penalty and tracers to maintain compliance with ASME B 31.3. Perform and record pressure tests and PWHT. Complete traceability from WPS, welders, fitters, materials, consumables, repairs, test reports - nothing left to chance. WeldTrace is the welding quality assurance and quality control software solution for fabrication companies.

Welding projects automation.

Welding jobs can be managed without breaking a sweat. Create weld maps quickly and generate welds that are organized by tags and drawings. Transfer weld map and welds when drawings are revised. Mark up dimensions and create as-built drawings.  Generate work packs, travelers or control sheets. Print QR code labels for welds & scan with the mobile app to access weld data. Define an algorithm and automatically select welds for NDE. Generate the turnover pack for a deliverable or project data book for the whole project with just a few clicks. WeldTrace is the ideal welding fabrication software solution.