Learning Resources & Help

WeldTrace Help Center - for all your learning resources

WeldTrace has an extensive set of resources for you to learn and master the software. WeldTrace Help Center has three areas: 1. Knowledge Base - has numerous articles that explain with screenshots and videos of all the features in WeldTrace; 2. Community - if you have questions on how to do something in WeldTrace, you can post your question and get answers from us or other experts. You can help others too; 3. Support Tickets - if you have find any issues and need it sorted out, you can reach out to us by raising a support ticket. With the WeldTrace  Help Center you can do it like a pro!

Knowledge Base

This is like an online user manual that explains all the features in WeldTrace with screenshots and videos. You can learn everything about WeldTrace at your own pace and use it as reference.

Community Forum

If you have questions on how to use specific features in WeldTrace, you can ask our experts or other members of the WeldTrace community. You can  join as an expert and help other users too.


If are already a customer, you can sign up to use the support center and raise a ticket if have any issues. Our help desk will be notified and  we will investigate, remedy and notify you.