WeldTrace for Small & Medium Size Companies

21.06.21 03:21 PM

Is the welding quality system dependent on you?

You may be a CWI or CWS. Perhaps even a CWE or the owner. The welding quality system in your fabrication operation is dependent on you. Your primary role is to manage the welders, welding documents, quality of the welded products, and could very well even manage aspects of production. 

You will have to manage the WPSs, make sure that your welders are qualified, weld to qualified WPSs, their continuity is maintained, and the list goes on. You may even be worried about the production at all costs culture and the potential for product failures.

You may have been trying to get a functional quality system in place with the support of management, but don’t know where to start or how to do it. 

If this is you, WeldTrace is here to help. You can build a welding quality management system around WeldTrace and even get your company certified to AISC, ASME or ISO 3834. 

These features are available in most software

  • Writing code-compliant welding procedures;
  • Qualifying welders and generate code-compliant qualification records;
  • Welder continuity log

WeldTrace gives you these and far more 

BYO documents

Automatic welder continuity

Extensive project module

Here's the list of features in WeldTrace

Here’s the list of some of the key features in WeldTrace that you would not have seen in other software:

  • Bring your own welding documents – WPSs, PQRs, WPQs/WQTRs – that are previously qualified;
  • Get welder continuity updated automatically;

Project module

Project management module for full traceability with these major features:

Weld mapping and dimension mark-up interface

  • Weld numbers marked up in sequence automatically
  • Create welds automatically
  • Pick attributes of welds like size, joint or weld type
  • View weld map and navigate to weld
  • Produce high quality weld map prints
  • Edit and move weld map annotations
  • Transfer weld map annotations when drawings are revised

Repositories for project data

  • Tags to manage fabricated items with multiple drawings
  • Drawings with version control
  • Materials repository manage heat numbers, MTCs, inventory control
  • Filler metals area 
  • Project documents with version control
  • Area to store all the test reports
  • Use welding procedures from the WPS module for all the projects
  • Welders are stored and managed in a central repository for all the projects

Manage the data with ease

  • Forms for editing one weld or other data at a time
  • Excel style interface to edit the weld log, hundreds of welds at a time
  • Wizards to import and export data

Welding workflow management made easy

  • Built-in workflow for weld lifecycle
  • Role based access control
  • Plan, allocate, complete, test, inspect
  • Visual inspection by stage
  • NDE module to request, test, handle repairs, penalty, tracer, sampling
  • NDE settings for project and drawings
  • Work packs to group welds and plan
  • Traveler, control sheet, job card print options for hard copies to the shop
  • Instant messaging for communication between project team members
  • Welder who is not qualified or out of continuity prevented from being used
  • Welder continuity records updated automatically 
  • Full traceability for each weld

Data analysis

  • Project calendar and Gantt chart views
  • Progress bars
  • Instant messaging between users, notifications and alerts
  • Rich dashboard and data analysis tools

Final project documentation or turnover packs, easy!

  • Produce turnover packs in a few clicks
  • A single PDF file with all the selected documents
  • Data shown in tables with links to files
  • Table of contents and section separators
  • Headers and footers can be customized
  • Include only what you need to show
Build your welding quality system with WeldTrace and get through audits confidently. Get the management and workers onboard and enjoy your job. Finally. 
Experience the power and simplicity of WeldTrace - the end-to-end welding management software.
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K S Adityan